PM, 886 25, 2015
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What is Team 70?

Team 70 started with Jesus.  Jesus sent out the 70 into every home and village with healing and provision.

Team 70 Is

BAM - Business Advancing Ministry - Raising up kings in the market place.

Team 70 Is

"Evangelism Gods Way" that helps people everywhere establish "Two Good Legs To Stand On" – Health and Wealth!

Team 70 Is

A Christian business that helps establish "Two Good Legs To Stand On."

Team 70 Is

House To House Fellowships where people can experience the four sources of health and four sources of wealth!

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Heave Offering (In Hebrew-Terumah) A Holy offering and covenant of salt between you and your Priest.


Thank you for your generousity. You are now in position for the 12 blessings of a tither!

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