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Pressed All Around

Pressed all around, looking for the place where the miraculous power of God (virtue) is wanted.

In Mark chapter 5 we see the story of the woman who pressed in and grabbed hold of the hem of Jesus's garment. We learn that garment was the Tallit, and the tassels where she would have grabbed represent the promises of God. Immediately she was made whole and Jesus recognized that the miraculous power of God had left and gone to help someone.

I am very thankful that a way has been made. We can come to the Father and are able to reach Him. Jesus went on to say in John that those who believe shall “do greater works than these” (John 14:12). He promised that because he went to the Father he would send the Helper.

In Acts chapter 3 we see the story of Peter and John giving the man not what he expected but what he needed. It changed his life; he no longer could live the same way because walking and leaping disqualified him from begging at the entrance to the temple.

There were “immediately’s” that took place in the Bible. Our challenge is that we have to believe. When we truly believe we will not “extend” the time for God to move. Which is the result of diluted faith. When we expect that He will move immediately; this allows God to work in our life.

In Matthew 6 as he taught us to pray. He said “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven”. When the light is turned on the darkness immediately flees. Just as the authority of God immediately dispels darkness and evil, so will the presence of God in our life displace evil and cause it to leave.

I pray that we all step into this function of a believer where we can press in and grab hold of the promises of God. Then we can be someone for those who are weak in faith. We can help them by giving them something to grab onto so that they too may believe that the promises of God are available for them today.

  1. How did the story of the woman pressing in stir your faith?

  1. Can you see yourself the way Jesus sees you? One who believes, doing works like him with the Father?

  1. What did the expectation versus what Peter and John gave the man at the gate revealed to you?

  1. What was the moment where the word came alive and you heard and saw something new?

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