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4 Voices

There are many voices in the world and none without significance and God wanted us to consider 4 specific voices and which one we hear the most, why, and how to move on until we get to being a Son.

The Voice of Thunder--When God spoke to the children of Israel from Mount Sinai the first time--they heard Him like thunder and were afraid. They backed up away from the presence of God and decided to just have their leader, Moses, talk to God and tell them what He said. Yet, what God was doing was calling them to obedience so they could truly be His people, set apart unto Him. Their slave mentality kept them from hearing a loving God giving them instructions for life. Today, many times we hear the instructions of God as thunder--our flesh doesn't like it, we back up from Him, instead of moving towards Him to obey.

The Voice in the Wilderness calling us to Repentance. John the Baptist challenged the religious people of his day to produce fruit worthy of repentance--meaning have consistent evidence of obedience showing we've truly repented. If we want to remain a slave to some other god (namely ourself) we will keep the attitude of "I'll repent later" so we can keep doing what we really want to do. However, if we want to deepen our relationship with God we will want to finally obey consistently, producing fruit worthy of repentance.

The Voice of the Shepherd--calling us to Follow. When we hear the Shepherds voice and follow Him, He will lead us to green pastures. A place of safety where we are taken care of. However--what He is really after is us following Him to learn to care about others more than ourselves--start thinking daily about evangelism and stepping out in obedience to do it. If we keep following, He will lead us to the Father.

The Voice of the Father--calling us to Sonship. We may come to God as a child, putting our complete trust in Him, yet we do need to grow up and mature, truly having His heart so that we will continually be about His business. We don't automatically become a son because we believe--we must receive (develop an intimate relationship) with Him in order to have the privilege to become a son.

God is really after relationship with all of us and He wants us to progress through the voice we hear Him by obeying Him and continually moving towards Him not backing away. Ultimately He wants us to become sons whom He can send out in the power of His Spirit to be His witness and be about His business daily--that involves a whole lot more than talking. This is where evangelism goes from something we have to think about and purpose to do daily to who we are because people are who we think about and care about.The progression is leaving behind the old slave mindset and coming to knowing the loving Father that He truly is and being about the Family business every day.

Let's discuss the message with just a few questions to get us going.......

  1. What Voice have you been the most familiar with or heard the most often and why?

  2. What are you going to do now to progress to a deeper relationship/changing positions so you hear another voice?

  3. What aha or ouch did you have?

I look forward to growing up and maturing with each of you!!

His Servant,

Elder Christy

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