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He is OUR Resurrection

We celebrated Passover (Death), The Beginning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Burial), and First Fruits (Resurrection) this weekend. This Sunday's message was all about Jesus's Resurrection making it possible for us to be raised from the dead which should cause us to help someone else have a supernatural stone removal from their tomb so they too can be resurrected.

In Matthew 28:2, we see an angel of the Lord descended from heaven, come, and roll back the stone from the door and sit upon it. Meaning Jesus needed a supernatural move of God to have the stone rolled away so He could walk out the tomb as our resurrected Savior. What God revealed to us through this scripture is that a supernatural move of God has to roll the stone away, not only from our tomb but someone else's. Because of our lack of success in demonstrating the power of God due to leaven in our lives, we are more than likely to be grave diggers than stone removers for others.

The good news is that we have an opportunity to become stone removers in people's live when we experience His resurrection in our lives. Why? Because the time is now that the dead should hear the voice of the Son of God through us and those that hear it shall live, according to John 5:25. We can take our personal resurrection experience, according Philippians 3:10, and take it into our harvest field and begin calling forth the dead out of the tombs like Jesus did with Lazarus. God has begun visiting our city now let Him move through us to be stone removers for people who are stuck in their own tomb.

Questions to answer about Sunday's message:

1) Did you have a personal resurrection experience on Sunday? If so, what changed?

2) Have you identified areas in your life that God termed "tomb behavior" that has kept you from knowing Him and the power of His resurrection?

3) What is the difference between a grave digger and stone remover?

4) How does one become a grave digger?

5) How does one become a stone remover?

6) What was your aha moment or moments from this message?

Being a Stone Remover with you,

Rev. Ryan Welker

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