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Intended Inheritance

Focus: Written Into The Will

In Proverbs 13:22: it says “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children.”

I asked Liam What Does God’s voice Sound Like? He said It was Gentle. I desire to sound more like God.

In Psalms: 37:11 it says the meek shall inherit the earth. Jesus was echoing something from psalms in his sermon in Matthew 5:5 blessed are the meek

Sometimes meekness is associated with oppression in the trial of one's faith and so poor and meek seem to be sometimes interchangeable or used in both places in the Old testament. Now it's possible that someone who is poor has had a different type of trust in God then someone who has never been without or had to trust God for their resources.

It's an interesting concept. I'm not saying you have to be poor to be meek and I'm not saying you can't be meek if you're rich.

But the perspective in which we pursue God comes from our environment and our life and I

it creates a different seeking a different approach to God.

Rich young ruler had done all but went away sorrowfully. Because his possessions had Him.

I want to describe meekness as: strength under control, a person may be strong but he controls that strength to use it for good and make sure ones strength is used for Good instead of evil. A meek person it's one of forbearance and kindness without bitterness

Meekness has been defined by some writers as humility born of trustful submission to God and thus results in gentle forgiving unselfishness towards others.

Proverbs 20:21 An inheritance gained hastily in the beginning will not be blessed in the end.

I don't want to serve God just to get the inheritance. I want to be the person that God says I can trust you, with what I've built and what I've created.

The power to push aside wickedness that would try to overtake us. I believe that this word will help you to be better able to live victorious.

How did you view Meekness before versus now?

How would say this character trait helps us abide in the vine?

What was the Nugget of the Living word that spoke to you?

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