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No Time Left For You: On My Way to Better Things

It sounds like we went from a "standstill" to a state of "limbo." If we move from a limbo state, we can experience what lies beyond the current circumstances. If we seek the still, small voice as Elijah did, we can break away from routine or monotony and then discover, explore, and experience better things.

Exhaustion is real. It makes you run from things you could beat. It makes you cry and not know why. The biggest danger is what it can do to our emotional state. Elijah's state of exhaustion from outrunning chariots and threats from Jezebel caused him to "sit down" and give up, wanting to die as it were. (1Kings 19) God meets Elijah's natural needs and, after 40 days, asks the question, "What are you doing here, Elijah?" As if to say, why are you here and not somewhere else? The Lord gives another instruction.

Elijah heeds the instruction of the Lord and finds himself in a place where, surprisingly enough, the Lord simply passes by, leaving him disappointed. When Elijah hears the "still small voice," he wraps his face in his mantle and there he stands. God asks him again, "What are you doing here, Elijah?" Again, somewhere other than where the Lord thought he should be. Thus, a question we should ask ourselves.

God makes it very clear to Elijah to anoint a prophet in his place, in other words, mentor or disciple someone. We may have also heard it as Mark 16:15-20. "Preach the Gospel to every creature...." That is a "mantle" that is on EVERY Christian.

The final separation of the wheat and chaff brings us to the place of either canned wheat to be preserved or chaff, where the wind carries you away so that no place will be found for it. God is canning the wheat to extend its availability throughout the years. It is only the wheat that He can use for seasons to come.

There was NO TIME to finish the final point of the message. I was OUT OF TIME (it could be prophetic, we are out of time!)and came to an abrupt stop, and did not share 1Kings 20:40, although Bishop did. 🤣🤣🤣 It was an important piece for us, and thus is the reason we have been in limbo. In summary, the servant had one thing to do, and he was BUSY here and there (time and place) and did not obey the instructions. The "BUSY" is also the chaff that has to be confronted and separated from our lives if we are going to be canned wheat.

As you answer the questions below, let the distant roads call to you, hear the whispers of the still small voice. Leave behind the limbo of yesterday and embrace the adventures that lie ahead so you can be"on your way to better things."

Let us discuss:

  1. What are you doing here?

  2. What are you doing with your "mantle?"

  3. What has kept you from obeying the "instructions?"

  4. What will come from you confronting yourself?

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What am I doing here?

Hmm, do I have an answer 😐??? If I'm not sure I suppose I've been in limbo- a place null and void of substance, no fruit, no witness, no evidence of who I am in God or who He is in me.

I could say... But look at all the changes in me - No! He already knows He's the reason for them. Now the question is have I allowed those changes to change someone else's life?... I would have to say no - - - up to very recently I have not really shared any testimony of all the things God has done in me that has caused these changes. Mostly out of fear…

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What are you doing here?

Well my limbo has been mainly on my lack of self confidence and a lack of discipline. I have good intentions but I usually put them off thinking time will sort it all out we I lurnd on Sunday time is an estiance meaning I need to correct this and realize that the time is now not tomorrow but now


What are you doing here? I have been in a state of limbo for sure! Feeling the exhaustion both emotionally and physically. With that, the feeling of failure. Not measuring up to what and doing all that “I” think I should be.


What are you doing with your “mantle?’ I know that I have not been wrapping myself in the mantel of my call. I have picked it up, laid it down, picked it up again. There must be a consistency of being wrapped in it. I know when I have been wrapped in it, I have been fulfilled. It was who I was. There was no separation between me and the mantel. We were one. It was just…

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Thanks for your post Sue! I think it is powerful that you knew and experienced times when there was no separation between you and the mantle. You were there, being one, that is powerful. If you were there you can get there again! The only way we fail is to quit and walk away. God made our bodies to require rest. I think the only thing we have to ask ourselves is what causes the exhaustion. Is it a revolving door that steals our time and energy to be about our Father's business. If so, confront it and put it to bed (rest) ;) because we have NO TIME for that, we're on our way to better things! ❤♥💖


What an excellent yet very challenging message! After reading Rev. Ryan response I was not wanting to respond at all! LOL! However, I realize the only way to move forward is to confront myself first.

  • What are you doing here? Thinking I was obeying God the best I could but seeing very little results. I realize the still small voice has not been one I've heard enough to be go the right direction daily. And often times looking for Him to be in something more spectacular even though the more I talk to people the more I find He is in the much less spectacular things. Today, I had one of my members come and tell me how much I…

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After typing my post, I did not want to reply at all! LOL

Great revelation Elder Christy that once we allow the mantle to define us the mindset you mentioned in these statements will be broken. "I have been wearing it when I felt like it was needed--but I realized when it comes to my work/church often times I leave it at home. Not because I don't want to wear it but because I hadn't thought it would be accepted. The lie that "Nobody wants to hear what God has to say in His word through me" has played around in my mind way too long! It has caused me to try and make the mantle fit how I thought…


Wow what a word Rev Connie! I definitely had to look and come to the realization of where I at. .

1 what am I doing here? I have definitely found myself in a limbo at times. Getting comfortable in things that don't pertain. They're definitely areas of my life where I have came out of the limbo and are moving up the mountain. But there are some things where I'm like well It's okay I can use it somewhere else. But it just makes can to continue going circles. I been working with our posture and how when we are up and alert it's when we are ready to climb. But when I'm sitting still in not wanting to…

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Thank you for Stephanie for your post. Excellent honest post...

There are parents and children everywhere you outside of the four walls of the church... "What am I doing that's outside of the children and youth! I need to be wearing that mantle at all times. People are definitely reaching out for things and I need to be equipped for when they original I am prepared and have the what they need" --- Parents and children need help more than ever so be a Children's minister everywhere you go!

As an encouragement to you, thank you for bringing the children up to the altar during praise and worship. EVERYONE at BAM PA loves seeing them dancing, praising, and worshiping th…

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