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Producing What Is Impossible Alone

God breathed into man the breath of Life and he became a living soul our flesh has always needed the spirit of God.

In John it talks about how in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

It's important that we don't look at the word of God as just a book or stories on a page but it is the power that can transform us if we allow the word to become part of our life.

The example that I gave is about a flower and unless pollen is brought to that flower from another source it will not produce any fruit. We ourselves are created in God's image and we can do a lot of things on our own but unfortunately they're just the works of The flesh. They may be impressive and they may look good but they're not eternal when the spirit of God is combined with us then we begin to produce something that has seed contained in it, fruit. We go from making stuff that only lasts for a little while to being able to tap into the eternal things.

When Jesus was standing in the river John saw the Spirit coming down and resting upon Him and remaining. We cannot make God be part of our life but we can do our very best to be someone that he desires to remain with.

And just like our relationship with God it goes hand in hand with the word we can't make the word become life in our life we have to let it when we try to make things happen it puts us in the authority position and we end up telling God what to do but when our mindset is letting the word of God become life in our life we are in a place of submission to the authority that God has set up through his word.

So the spirit of God really does complete us and it causes our effort and what God has gifted us with to become something that will impact this earth, for eternity that will change people's lives and bring those that are searching for God, an example and a demonstration that they can believe in and they can see.

How do you now see “making the word”, and the difference in” letting the word” become life in your life?

How did the word about doubt change your perspective?

What seed of the word was planted into your life this week.

I look forward to reading about the moments the word became alive to you!

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