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Sound of Praise

Elijah was dealing with a nation that was faltering between two gods. We find ourselves in a similar time where our nation falters between two gods. We need to look and see where our praise goes because no matter what happens we praise something. The question is which God does our praise go to. In Psalms chapter 8 it talks about how when we praise he will silence the enemy God responds to our praise and that is what changes things.

In Hebrews it talks about the sacrifice of praise.

The sacrifice is to not praise the problem but to intentionally praise God.  The sacrifice is to say no to self and yes to acknowledging and speaking the wonderful works of God.

In Ephesians chapter 3 we read about the vastness of God, the height and the depth of God. He's able to do exceedingly abundantly above what we could ask or think according to our understanding of him.  If we see God in a little depth and a little width then he can do a little bit more than that but if we can see him in his fullness then he can do above what we understand of him.

The enemy is a praise stealer always has and he always will be.  He is still leading all who will follow him to take their praise away from God.

In Acts chapter 16 Paul and Silas were in bondage but their response caused others to be set free. Our response to adverse situations unlocks the potential for God to move. It starts with thankfulness.  It grows into seeing and then saying what we comprehend of God.  Then it flourishes into clearing what he's doing in people's lives.  When these moments happen that's when we hear the words what must I do to be saved.

Our witness is our open demonstration of a relationship with God that is abnormal by worlds standards and demonstrates the evidence of God's power and His ability to save and help us in difficult times.

How has your understanding of praise changed?

What is the way that you can praise God outside of the traditional service time?

I look forward to hearing how the Word became life to you through this message.

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