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A Dedicated Temple Is Not Divided - You Cannot Serve 2 Masters

As we celebrated the Feast of Dedication this past week, God reminded us that we cannot be dedicated to Him and something else at the same time. He told us in Matthew 6:24 that we cannot serve 2 masters, His voice and another voice(s). We will either love the one and hate the other and hold on to the one and let go of the other. Too many Christians have ignored the Feast of Dedication even though Jesus celebrated it, John 10:22, and had much to say within in sermon during his time in the synagogue. He declared during this time that His sheep would hear His voice, personally knew them, and they follow him, verse 27. He further goes on to say that His Father and Him are one. Why were they ONE? Jesus did not follow another voice, another master, to persuade Him to not be dedicated to serving God, His Father.

Why do many Christians ignore the Feast of Dedication and turn to the pagan alternative of Christmas? The traditions of men, which is why so many people ignore the Word of God and follow after that voice to celebrate what has been incorrectly taught and worshipped for far too long. The traditions of men have made the Word of God, His Feasts, to none effect. That voice, unfortunately has become the voice they follow instead of the Word of God. Jesus said, a house divided cannot stand. What causes a divided house, aka temple, within us? We follow after another voice.

How dedicated are you to follow His voice? The man in the picture above looks pretty dedicated to praying and hearing the voice of God. Praise God, I am assuming his daughter, is next to him watching an adult seek God's face for answers. It appears the man is dedicated to hearing the voice of God and his temple is not divided.

In order for us to win souls, we need to be completely dedicated to communicating with God through prayer, studying the Word, hearing His voice for others, and making sure we live a life that is separate from the world. If we are not, then there is no difference between us and those we are witnessing to. Instead of seeing us being one with God, they see us being one with the world and not God. Let's change that perception and ignore the masters, the other voice, who have caused us to not be dedicated and live a life that is going to change one soul at a time.

Questions to ask ourselves:

1) Have you identified masters in your life that you need to no longer listen to?

2) What are you willing to lay down to be able to speak plainly to others and demonstrate the works of the Father in your life?

3 What has caused you to not to Hear His voice to be able to pierce the darkness in someone else's life to cause them to Hear His voice through you?

4) Is your heart broken yet for the lost souls of the city and your harvest field in order to be a true witness of God in you?

5) What was your Aha moment from this message....

Being His Ambassador,

Rev. Ryan Welker

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