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A Year of Continuing

The comeback is always stronger than the setback!

The War continues and the breath of God gives new life to His army. He said, "I am giving new life to my ARMY and they will rise up to be fruitful and expand my Kingdom in the earth. I am re-ordering those who have been out of place, I am re-storing those pieces that have been missing. I am re-building the structure of peoples lives to give them time to serve."

I see why God is rolling up His sleeves again. Sounds like some heavy duty work has begun.

We are individual pieces of the puzzle but we need each other because we all fit together to complete the picture that God wants to elevate, display, and use to expand His mission on the earth. It seems we have been stripped bare, made naked if you will, that our eyes would be made open to accurately see where we are, understand what we have and also what is missing....

Let's discuss:

  1. What needs to be stripped/made bare so you can be prepared to be your piece in the puzzle?

  2. How are you expecting your dry bones (bare pieces) to live? What will you say to them?

  3. What specifically are you doing differently this year to ensure the completion of your piece in the Masterpiece (puzzle).

  4. What are you doing to protect the unity in this Body so the Lord can command His blessing?

  5. What was your "Aha Moment" that opened your eyes to see something that was not crystal clear before?

Thank you for your precious time! Did I mention you are a "delight to the eyes." 😘

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