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Be still and know that I am God.

Excellent advice from someone who speaks from experience when the enemy was out to get him. David learned and found a way to praise God. He gives us some wisdom in these words and in Psalms 23 he gives us the

story of the shepherd who leads us besides still waters God desires to be heard in our life and many times we have to quiet all the things around us and find ourselves in a place where we can hear his voice. Many times it's simply turning off all the inputs that we have available to us through technology.

I want to focus on the inputs that come into our thoughts and into our emotions in our mind when everything else is off and it's quiet do we find that there is this constant noise. This background of busyness and thoughts that are bombarding are mind and when we turn off all of the inputs from this world we're still left with this background noise that makes it still hard to hear the voice of God.

I don't think that God has to talk louder. I think we have to learn the process of having the mind of Christ. The blood that was paid for by Jesus as he shed blood from the crown of thorns that we might have a mind that is not overrun from the inputs of darkness. So it is free to hear the voice of God.

Many times we have noise machines to kind of even out everything so that we're not awakened by a sudden noise. This covers up all the little background noises but just as much as it covers up the background noise it also can cover up the still small voice of God. I hope that we do not become used to background noise. We can truly truly be okay with silence and allowing God to speak to us in those moments.

I think beyond just hearing him David said to know that he is God. In Philippians the apostle Paul talks about the peace of God that surpasses understanding that peace will guard your heart and your mind. My hope and prayer is that your mind and your heart are guarded and that there is a place for God and you to get to know each other so that you can trust him.

Share some the Background noises you may not have noticed before?

What are your thoughts about going past praise and worship and creating that still place for God to be Known?

What part of the word came alive to you?

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