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Come Along and Ride on a Fantastic Voyage

The Mississippi Queen was retired in 2008 but the Lord said, “I’m putting it back in service! I have renamed it! It’s been updated, it’s course has been modified and it is fully prepared for the movement upstream. So tighten your belt, adjust your spending, and look for new ways to multiply your resources. The ship is setting sail!" ... THIS IS A DEPARTURE!

Lucky for us, God has asked us to come along on this exceedingly large or great exploration of unknown territories or experiences. It's changing our place and position, strategically shifting us into this ordered process, should we choose to accept it. Remember, the Mission is Mark 16:15-20...AKA PREACH THE GOOD NEWS WITH POWER AND DEMONSTRATION.

There are two options at this point.... the jumping off point or the separation season. (2 Corinthians 6:17) read it in The Message Bible.

A few things to ponder to make the journey a successful one:

1. Have you departed or did you jump off?

2. What have you departed from? Let's be clear, it's not what will you depart from, it is what have you departed from.

3. Like anything, as we minister to people, God always ministers to us as well. Just because we are about His mission doesn't mean He will not continue to minister to our needs. God said He is forcing a separation season to address theses four areas:

* Relationship Break: It could be a temporary or permanent separation in personal relationships, between friends or family members. It will create distance for an opportunity to reassess the relationship or address conflicts at a later time.

*Spiritual Retreat: a deliberate time of withdrawing from the busyness and distractions of daily life to focus on spiritual growth, reflection, and seeking a deeper connection with God and His Word.

*Self-Discovery: a period of self-reflection and personal growth, as one chooses to separate themselves from external influences, societal expectations, or old patterns of behavior in order to explore their own identity. In other words, "who am I?" God woke me up today with, "It's who you are" so I say to you this is your time to become who He has made you to be. Do you see that fully?

*Healing and Restoration: a time of healing and restoration from difficult or traumatic experiences that have taken place. It may have been a long time ago, and yet, if it continues to alter or affect your behavior in less desirable ways, God is using this time to heal and restore.

We are still on question #3! Here is the question, What do you need for you during this separation season?

4. This is summer hours right? Only four questions! What did you see that you didn't see before?

Thank you for your time! I NEVER take it for granted!

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