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Completion Blockers - Fear

It's quite the list of Completion Blockers laid out in Revelation 21:8. Starting at the very top with fear. The enemy would love to stop us before we even get moving. Make us too timid to act. Fear, and every other blocker in the list, stands in the way of God completing the work that He started in you. If we do not overcome them, we will not be completed and there will come a final day that we are on the wrong side of judgement. Permanently.

Yet, it's my desire that we overcome all that stands in the way and have full free access to the fountain of the water of life, inherit all things God has for us, and for Him to be our one and only God and for us to be His sons and daughters.

We are just getting started... and we need courage for the other side and going further into the places we've never been. Let's BE the church our city and the people around us need. Souls are counting on us, so the urgency is there. Yet, the fantastic news is we don't have to do it alone. We get to get help and be help.

I pray this word edified you, and provoked and encouraged you to overcome whatever has blocked God from completing His tabernacle in you, and that this discussion will do the same! Recognize and Edify!

1. Has fear been a completion blocker in your life? Who did it affect? (did it block God doing something in your life or someone else's?)

2. How have you overcome the completion blocker of fear? What can you share that would edify someone else? (if not fear, then identify another blocker you've experienced and testify about it.)

3. In what ways do you need edification from your fellow believers? (What helps you the most? What are you missing?)

4. Share anything that made the 'aha' lightbulb flip on in your brain box.

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