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For Real Life

Living with God is a daily thing in Psalms we read about the secret place and how that is a place where we can learn to trust God not just on the bad days but on the good days.

I don't want to just find the secret place when the storm is raging, I want to practice being with God when the day is going well so that it's easier to find him when the storm is raging.

God is perfecting his bride and I'm okay with being someone that he wants to live with. This more than likely will require me to make adjustments in my life so that I can be with him. In Ephesians It talks about taking up the shield of faith above all. This will protect us from the bombardment of lies, deception, doubt and the seed that is contrary to the word of God that surrounds us in life today.

I have good news, in John It talks about how the helper is coming. He's our comforter or advocate or counselor and he will bring back to our remembrance all things that we might live with his truth which will be our shield.

In James we read about when we ask, we must believe a double-minded person is unstable. My prayer for all of us is that we would be stable singular of thought in complete faith and belief in the truth of God's word.

To help others have a relationship with God we must really live with God for real life and understand how to make that actually work. To take it from church time and service time and blend it and transform it into everyday life. What does it look like and how does it work? I hope this helps to bridge that gap that sometimes is difficult to navigate. We must find this journey and find out how to make real life work with a loving God who desires to be with us and who has paid the price and made a way so that it's possible.

What is something you learned about real Life with God?

Do you see the Shield of Faith In a new way if so please describe?

Do we pray hoping he will prove our fears wrong so that will change what we believe?

What portion of the Word of God came alive to you?

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