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Forging Faith

Having faith in God is a process and I asked this question: what comes first the sign, wonder, miracle or faith? God sent Jesus into this Earth and gave him his spirit so that the signs and wonders could begin so that mankind could have faith in God. God has called us to continue that process.

If God does everything for us then our faith never becomes tested and strong. It's just based upon him doing it for us and so there comes a point where we have to fight and Forge our faith so that it becomes a sure thing. Jesus said blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe because their faith has been forged and has a strength that has value that is unmeasurable.

Testify of a time that God answered prayer and his answer turned out better than possibly what you were wanting him to do.

What is a way that you allow God to lead you to the Rock?

What word came alive to you during the preaching of this word?

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