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I Am A Christian - What does that mean to them?

If you are reading this blog, I am 99.999% sure that you would say "I am a Christian" and there is a strong emotional attachment to you identifying that you are Christian. However, that four word sentence can mean something totally different when/if you say it aloud to someone. "I am a Christian" can cause all sorts of emotions to those who hear it. It may not bring them as much comfort, peace, strength, etc that it does to you. It may bring hurt, pain, a view of weakness in you and so on because of other "Christians" and the church who caused them to feel those emotions.

The picture above probably represents most of "Christians" quiet time with God. Once the coffee cup is empty, they are done reading, leave their seat, and then do nothing with their "Christianity" that causes others to have an encounter with God. They read for knowledge and a "sticky star" on their "religious" check list and go about their day thinking nothing about others except themselves. When the storms of life happens to others around them, they have no answer to give to those who are enduring the storm. A powerless gospel that has no relationship of God in it.

With the above "relationship," we are going to bring corrupt fruit, Matthew 7:17-29. The world has picked up on this same principle and know "Christians" by their fruit. The world wants nothing to do with natural corrupt fruit, they definitely do not want spiritually corrupt fruit or drink from a corrupt spring. God is now saying we must become trees that bring forth good fruit and wells that provide living water. This fruit and living water is a lifestyle demonstrating the wisdom and the kingdom of God that wins souls and others identify that person as a Christian.

People need to have confidence in those who identify themselves as Christians, according to Proverbs 8:32-36, who seeing and hearing God on a daily basis. We need to stop being an unfaithful Christian according to Proverbs 23:19-26. If you are calling yourself a Christian, and people do not have the confidence of God in you, please examine yourself quickly and ask why not? Their eternity could depend on it!

Questions to discuss:

1) What does the phrase "I am a Christian" mean to you since this message?

2) What does Romans 1:16 mean to you after hearing this message?

3) What were some of your aha moments of this message that caused this Word to become life in your life?

I am a Christian!

Rev. Ryan Welker

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