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I'm Not Good Enough For God

God wants us to see the value of who we are, what he created us to be. Then of our own desire to be like him, to pursue holiness, being at one with him, hearing his voice and walking with him through the day.

1 John 4:7-8 God is love Because we struggle with how to give and receive love. We struggle in our ability to have a relationship with God. Love is one of the most distorted and twisted things.

The devil does not want us to know how to be loved by God so he twists the definition of love and distorts it beyond recognition. Satan tries to get people to change their identity to be loved

Genesis 1:27 God Created you in his image because he wanted someone to create with, ultimately he wasn't after what he could get out of you he was after you.

Today I'm saying you have worth, you're a child of worth, you are a husband of worth, you are a wife of worth, you are a parent with worth because God made you.

So discard the lie that says I'm not good enough and believe the truth that your value is not based upon your performance.

The Slave mindset that says I have to perform, I have to do enough, I have to make enough productivity to be of value and that's not God's system that is the system that we are leaving.

His system was in blood and he paid for us with a whole different payment system

So if you felt, I've come to church and I've tried to be good enough for God yet I don't feel him. I don't know him, I can't hear his voice. This because you're trying to pay him in a currency he doesn't accept.

Self-righteousness is to try to prove to God that my works were good enough to get to heaven, good enough to be loved, good enough to be accepted by him. The worst thing I could do is live that way.

God will judge righteously and he will judge us based upon our actions and our beliefs and if we live our entire life in self-righteousness we will never obtain the judgment that we're hoping for.

Psalm 123:1 Lift up our eyes, to see the one who is enthroned in the heavens, to see him in all of his glory.

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in his wonderful face and the things of Earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace.”

How has this changed your perspective of your worth?

How can you now overcome the attacks the enemy uses to cause people to give up?

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