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Light Me Up

You Are The Light of the World!

Man is a Spirit; he possesses a soul and lives in a house called a body. God desires to sanctify you wholly - Spirit, Soul, and Body.

As your soul prospers, you will have enough money to do all that God has designed you to be and called you to do, with a healthy body to do it in.

Each year at the Feast of Dedication, we must cleanse and dedicate our whole Spirit, Soul, and Body to be his light and witness to the world.

Dedication of our spirit includes church attendance, ministry, prayer, money, worship, and witness.

Dedication of our soul includes eyes, ears, thoughts, emotions, and will.

Dedication of our body includes bible diet, health, actions, and Godly representation.

The truth is the way we spend our time is a direct reflection of our level of dedication.

If we want to succeed in life, we must prioritize and devote ourselves to the areas that matter most. So, let's take control of our time and create the life we truly desire that brings glory to God. Remember, every moment counts.

Redeeming the time for the days are evil. Ephesians 5:15


What was your "Aha" Moment during the message?

Looking forward to our discussion.

In His Service,

Bishop Bill

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