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We read in Ezekiel 36 and 37 that God took Ezekiel in the Spirit and showed him the condition of the church in the valley. The bones or church in the valley or city were full of very dry bones all disconnected and lifeless. The church was not doing what God had instructed them to do which was to be His witness and demonstration to the people around them. God asks the question; “Can my church live?” Like Ezekiel, we respond with “Only you know God”! As if, what are You going to do about it, God? God responds this is what YOU need to do about it! Prophesy to them what I say!

When we hear and declare what God says to the people then sinews, flesh, skin, and breath will come to them. Do you remember what each of these stands for and mean?

God instructs us to prophesy to the bones, the wind of God’s Spirit, the Four winds of heaven, and finally to the mountains. Do you remember what each of these stands for and mean?

Why is God doing this? For your sake? NO for His Holy Names Sake!!!

WHY? Because we have profaned His Name among the people!


1. Can the dry bones of the church live and be a witness?

2. What do sinews, flesh, skin, and breath mean in practicality?

3. Do you know what God is saying in this hour?

4. Will you daily start declaring the Word of the Lord to the bones, winds, and mountains?

5. Name one person at BAM who has profaned the Name of the Lord among the heathen.

6. What is the most intelligent prayer anyone can pray?

7. Has God started a good work in you and are you willing to allow and help God complete it?

8. And, of course, what was your aha moment?

I know this is a ridiculous number of questions, so if you only have time to answer one make sure you get the correct answer to # 5.

In His Service,

Bishop Bill

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