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Persistent Knocking

In Genesis we read where Adam and Eve were hiding from God in the cool of the day when they heard His voice. The good news is we have a Redeemer who has paid the price so that our sin, that would cause us to want to hide from God, have been forgiven. We can now be in the presence of God without fear.

In Luke we hear the story where Mary and Martha invited Jesus over to their house. Mary sat at Jesus's feet but Martha was busy serving and missed the opportunity to simply be with Jesus. Serving is important but there are moments where being in the presence of God is the better thing.

In Luke chapter 11, it goes on and talks where the disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray. He gave an example about the man who comes at midnight knocking and asking for bread. The powerful point is that he wasn't asking for himself, he wanted to have something to give. In this parable we are going to the Father asking for someone else, saying: “I want to have something to give them.” The parable goes on to say that neighbor doesn't answer because he knows or prefer the neighbor knock, but he answers because of the man’s persistent.

In the story of Gideon it talks of how only those who brought the water to their mouth, who had no fear, were those that God could use to bring victory. They were aware of their surroundings, they were on the lookout for one another, and God had already caused the enemy to believe that they would be defeated.

So in this season as we persistently seek the face of God for the needs of others and our own. The Word says that we would find, and God will answer.

Let’s discuss!

  • What portion of the word came alive to you from this message?

  • Distracted serving... How can you balance serving and listening to the voice of God in your relationship and walk with him?

  • What is your perspective this year in your approach to Purim?

  • How is compassion rising up inside of you in your search for bread for others?

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