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Power of Three

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

  • The three stranded cord: you, the word, and the Spirit of God.

  • The word of God is what has the power to change you.

  • The Spirit of God brings life to the things that you do for God.

It makes the obedience to the word alive instead of just works, so we need all of these components interwoven into all the things that we do otherwise we're easily broken.

When it's "I'm just standing on the word but I don't have the spirit of God to make that word alive," then it's just two. Sometimes we try to do it in our own strength and we leave God completely out of it, and that's when we are very easily broken.

The other extreme is yourself and the Spirit and without the word; it's unfocused.

Without the word we can find ourselves confused and it is not the Spirit of God at all.

Then it becomes something that is out of order. It easily can be seen and viewed as something that's weird and spooky, and it's unbalanced and it's easily broken.

So if all of these components are interwoven together they become a three woven cord that's not easily broken. We need the Spirit of God and we need the word of God applied to the very thing at hand and it will cause us to be able to effectively pull in a situation and have power. Without it, we really don't have a lot of pulling power

Like Samuel, we may not know the voice of God the first time He speaks to us.

The first time I realized I was dismissing the voice of God was at work. I had the thought, "you should check that quote again but I turned it in". Well, my boss found a mistake. While I was correcting the mistake I realized God loved me and was trying to save me from the embarrassment of the mistake.

Now when those thoughts come I recognize them as the voice of God. They are not my thoughts, they are higher than my ways. So whether I'm driving or working I just work at listening and not interrupting until He has completed sharing with me what He wants me to know. Then I focus on remembering because it was His words and I need to write them down to remember them.

When was the first time you recognized God was speaking to you?

I asked Liam a few years ago what the voice of God sounded like, he said gentle.

It challenged me because I was using a strong and aggressive voice to communicate.

What does the voice of God sound like to you?

How did the word come alive to you through this message?

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