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Purpose in your plan.

When Jesus completed the last supper he said it was finished the purpose of the plan that God had for his life on this earth He completed.

Little acts of obedience lead to big changes. I Believe this statement works for our lives and it works in other's lives. We have to make the power of God personal to us and then in turn to others

In John he said that all who receive him he'll give them the power to become sons of God. Why? So that we too could lay our life down and have authority and power over evil on this earth.

In Matthew Jesus said go and make disciples teaching others to have a mind that is stayed on God. So that person will find peace and consistency in their life and they'll find fulfillment.

Acts chapter 8 begins with Paul making havoc on the church, but God must have thought I could turn his life around. Philip went and preached to those who were scattered by the Havoc that Paul created. Those that had worked for the devil and seen sorcery and have been amazed begin to tell others to listen to Philip. Signs, wonders and miracles were demonstrated that caused people to believe in Jesus Christ.

Philip made the story of Jesus personal to the man from Ethiopia. An angel asked them to get up and go for a walk. That little act of obedience led to the Ethiopians' salvation.

When the 70 returned with joy realizing that the devils were subject to them they rejoiced and Jesus said tell you something even better rejoice at your name is written in the lambs book of Life.

I hope you to can rejoice because you have made God personal in your life and little acts of obedience demonstrate the change that has taken place in your life.

What's an example of how God was made personal to you?

How do you continue your connection and relationship with God?

I always look forward to hearing how the word came alive to you through this message?

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