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Reflecting God Clearly

As we see in Ephesians we are to renew our mind and then it tells us to not grieve the Holy Spirit by which we were sealed.

In this season as God has marked us to be his people, dedication comes once a year in the form of a celebration but yet it really is a daily thing.

Every day the enemy will try to put things upon our mirror that would hinder us being able to reflect God.

As we choose to renew our mind and our thoughts our actions and what we do will stay a clear reflection of God.

In this day and age the enemy has told people that there are many truths apart from God's allowing flesh to exalt itself above the knowledge of God.

We must recognize and align ourselves with his truth.


What does reflecting God look like to you?

What did you hear in the portion of His truth versus our truth?

What part of the word came alive to you?

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