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Someone's Knocking on the Door

Do me a favor, open the door, let 'em in.

This door should look familiar! It represents one of the four doors that God has opened this year. We know someone is coming to knock on our door, although, in actuality, they are knocking on the door to salvation, deliverance, rest, or the door to dream and God expects us to "let them in."

Acts chapter 10 is the story of Peter and Cornelius. In this chapter God is teaching Peter not to consider any person as unclean or impure. At the same time, time, a centurion named Cornelius receives a divine message to send for Peter. As Peter arrives at Cornelius' house, he acknowledges insight from his vision and preaches the Gospel to Cornelius and his household. To Peter's surprise, the Holy Spirit falls upon Cornelius and everyone who is there in the household.

People in the household had "dry bones." They were dead to salvation and on the outside of all of the doors for that matter. Peter basically said, "Dry bones hear the Word of the Lord. LIVE!"

A Few Things to Discuss

1. How do you see Acts Chapter 10 becoming life in your life?

2. What dry bones have remained in your life that need to hear the Word of the Lord?

3. What’s next? What is the first step you need to take to grow up and mature?

4. What ‘aha” moment that excited you about for ministry?

Looking forward to our discussion

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Rev. Connie

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