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The 23's

"I CAN, I WILL, I STAND, I do believe that I can, I will use the power.

I can, I will, I am the warrior and I'll fight for you, I CAN, I WILL."

How awesome that the Lord, God Himself CAN and WILL use the POWER to fight for you! You must be REALLY important to His mission in the earth! :)

God has spoken that He is doing things in three's this season. I believe the three's are grouped together specifically in certain categories that will be performed in their order.

Here are a few things to discuss:

  1. How would you describe your "comeback?"

  2. How do you feel about Him "MAKING" you a fisher of men and a ruler over many?

  3. What categories of three's do you expect God to do in you?

  4. What was your take-away from what God said through this message?

Thanks for your time! I know all too well it is precious and I expect Him to use His power to redeem it for the benefit of His mission.

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