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The Desire to Return

Pesach Sheni (pey-sac-h shey-knee)

Second Passover - Second Chance

We learned that God truly is a God of the Second Chance. We're really only ever one chance away from a return to Him if it is genuine and from our heart. A desire to return. In that is a return to the same law, same instruction, no illegal returns!

He has compassion and mercy for us and in that He wants death to pass over us. What is our desire? Out of a desire to return, just a small group of people opened up a return not only for themselves but for everyone else too. They did that from the heart first, wanting to be in covenant, wanting to be cleansed from deadness and return from their "long journey" away. (Numbers 9, 2 Chronicles 29-30, 1 Maccabees 4:42-43)

We absolutely cannot save ourselves and God says it again for us... Says it in the #1 Commandment "I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage." Passover. Remember the way. Remember His (Christ's) Death till He comes.

There is a Second Chance for those who Desire to Return

  • To “I can’t save myself”

  • To cleanliness, right-standing with God

  • From their "long journey" (time, distance, moral character) away from Him

  • To God’s Law, His instructions for life

Do we desire Christ’s return?

Amazing that this Second Chance, Second Passover, not only came from the prompting of man, but it also came just before God's army marched out to follow God's plan and take the promised land... (Numbers 10:11-13)

  • Reflect on your Second Chance. Did you seize it with desire in your heart?

  • Consider the echoes (of the pattern we see in history) of just a few people opening up a Second Chance to return to God for many others.

  • What part of the Word came alive and turned the light on for you?

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