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The Four Beasts

Dreams and Visions of End-times

Daniel had a dream of four beasts coming out from the sea. The Apostle John saw the same vision.

Apocalyptic Books Use Symbolism so that each generation can apply it to the time they are living in.

We found that the Antichrist is the power behind each beast and the progression of his rule even today.

We discovered that of the seven heads; five were fallen, one is, then is not, and then will be.

We understand this to be Pagan Rome, then Papal Rome, and finally Papal Rome and the Protestant churches mixed with pagan rituals and beliefs thus, we were able to understand Mystery Babylon and the Whore who rides the beast.

I also gave four possible Major Events that will be Remembered this Year.


What was your "Aha" Moment during the message?

Looking forward to our discussion.

In His Service,

Bishop Bill

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