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To Be Or Not To Be.

God said let there be light, I really like it when God speaks the obedience that comes from his instruction is fulfilling. There's power in his voice, in Proverbs chapter 18:21 it says death and life are in the power of the tongue. God has created us in his image and has given us that same power. The question we have to ask ourselves is how will we use that voice? We can speak life and will we choose not to speak death. It's so easy to praise problems when in turn that really is actually giving praise to the devil. When God said let there be light in Genesis chapter 1: 3 he didn't tell the darkness to leave he spoke to the light.

This is how God communicates. I too want to speak the way he speaks. He didn't dignify the devil, the problem, the darkness with an acknowledgment. He just spoke the answer. He was the answer.

God's answer produces victory because there is no fight. When the light is on, darkness is gone.

When Jesus was doing the work God had sent him to do preaching the gospel the kingdom and the paralytic was let down through the roof he forgave his sins and told him to take up his bed and go home. Don't even stay for the rest of my message. He didn't even acknowledge the fact that the man couldn't walk. He paid no attention to his condition. He simply spoke what should be.

Jesus did the same thing in John chapter 9 with the blind man. He told him to go wash in the pool of Shalom after he had made mud and put it in his eyes. He gave no attention to the fact that the man was blind. He gave him a difficult instruction to go to another place while you're blind and wash but the man did it because he was obedient and he returned seeing.

So this message challenged me. Can I pray without first laying a foundation of praise to the problem? Can I speak life or will I first speak death and then add a little life on at the end.

I look forward to hearing how God spoke to you through these scriptures in this word?

I was also blessed by the time at the altar. I honestly didn't even really think there was going to be an altar but God had other plans and he showed up. I'm so thankful that he spoke and that his words came alive. The message I had made or thought I was putting together did not hold a candle to what his words spoke and said.

I saw many of you writing down things after prayer. It was a precious moment where God was moving at his altar.

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