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Trust For Now and Eternity

Trust it affects our now and our eternity.

I want to extend thanks to all of those who helped in the setup, tear down and putting away of all the things that were needed to make the service on the courthouse lawn happen on Sunday.

For those of you online who were unable to be part of the service, below is a brief overview to help you stay connected this week.

Psalms 20:7

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

Trust is a powerful connection that will dictate our lives whether we realize it or not.

The children of Israel had to learn how to trust the provision of God and not try to take God's provision into their own hands.

God said that it was a test to see if they would follow his commandments. It was provision for them for 40 years. God does his part, we must do our part.

Trusting God requires us to involve him in daily living. Trusting in God is not. I'm just sitting back waiting for God to take care of it. Trust requires me to do my part and allow God to do his.

God's provision doesn't come pre-packaged. He provides resources and opportunities that we can put our hands to that he can then prosper and work with us to see the provision that our lives need.

In Luke the rich young ruler had done all of the right things; he had kept the commandments he had found prosperity by being obedient to God's instruction but that success changed him. His obedience to God provided a new life for him and in turn that new life became something that he loved more than God. So Jesus challenged him to put his full trust in God not what he had become.

This caused him to go away sorrowful. Even though he had the savior himself in front of him. It is hard for someone who in the natural has their needs met by the work of their own hands to transfer their trust from what they can do into the hands of God.

But there is good news with God even that is possible.

This requires us to humble ourselves to pray that God might hear from heaven he will forgive us, cleanse us from that unrighteousness and he'll heal us when we have put our trust in our success instead of him.

Salvation is putting your whole complete trust in God. It's like sitting in the chair with your feet up and your hands raised fully knowing that the chair will hold you up. That's the type of trust we must have in the work that Jesus Christ has done for us. When we truly are at that place then we will experience him being our Lord and salvation today and for eternity.

Salvation starts today. It's not for one day in the future only. It needs to begin today so that when our eternal life begins it is simply another day being saved.

Where are you on the journey of trusting God?

Have you been able to fully sit with your feet up?

What part of this word came alive to you?

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