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Word Up ... It's the Code Word

A code word is a specific word or phrase that is used to convey a hidden or secret meaning within a particular context or group. It serves as a form of communication that allows individuals to exchange information without others understanding the true intent or message being conveyed.

The primary purpose of a code word is to create a shared understanding among individuals who are familiar with the code. It enables them to communicate sensitive or confidential information without arousing suspicion or alerting unintended listeners. Code words are often used in various fields such as intelligence agencies, military operations, espionage, and even everyday situations where secrecy or discretion is necessary.

God gave us as a house a couple of code words although the focus is really hearing a code word for others. He knows exactly what will minister to the people in our harvest field. We can be confident that a code word from God will have the impact that causes people to experience the power of God and His goodness without even really knowing it came from Him. It's a key to unlock the greatest evangelistic team in the region.

Summer hours!!! ;) Let's discuss!!

  1. Has clutter been a factor in the results of your harvest?

  2. We have already begun this new journey, how has "Word Up" prepared you for this week in your harvest field?

  3. What changes/strategies are you putting in place to position yourself to receive code words for your harvest field?

As always, you are certainly welcome to share other things that stood out to you. Thanks for being about my Father's business with me!

~The Rev.

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