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Consequences of Obedience

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

If we stay in a loop of "obedience only" in our journey with the Father and never catch His heart, we are at great risk of harboring a religious spirit, producing works of the flesh, bitterness, obligation and worse! All consequences of not going deeper to Catch the Heart. Obedience is great and we need it, but it is meant to convert our soul from "obedience only" (aka Letter of the Law) to being at one and abiding in faith with the Heart of the Father.

Cain brought fruit! Yet he missed the heart of the Father and there were consequences as we read in Genesis 4:1-7. Even though Cain missed it, God still gave Him the chance to repent BEFORE the consequences.

Thank you for your obedience in posting on this discussion! But remember, as much as it is about obedience, it is a tool to catch the heart of the message!

To that end, I have multiple "go deeper" discussion prompts listed. Feel free to answer as many as you like, but do not feel obligated to answer them all. I would rather you go deep on one than stay shallow on all.

1. Have you ever encountered a "thought terminating cliché" in your walk of faith? What was it? Who did it prevent from going deeper toward the heart, discouraging critical thought and meaningful discussion?

2. Share some of your thoughts/experiences on "if you do not do well, sin lies at the door."

3. God has emotions, we are made in His image. When we read the surface level of the text, we may not always consider His emotions unless we read between the lines. Reflect on putting yourself in "God's shoes" to see things from His point of view. (Especially with this season we are in)

"Aha!" - Share and discuss anything that stood out to you, particularly if it led you deeper to catching the heart of God.

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