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Thinking Higher

Apostle Paul told the church at Philippi that if they loved him, they could complete his joy by having the same mind, same love, knit together in spirit, with one purpose--this speaks of unity. God spoke some time ago that we need to protect the unity we have in the church at BAM.

Apostle Paul understood and the devil understands that the quickest way to break unity is to get people consumed with thinking of themselves, their wants and needs and problems. Pretty soon weakness come into the army as that person is out of their position.

How do we stay in unity? Well we need to be Thinking Higher. God said is Isaiah 55 that His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Yet He never meant that we couldn't not know His ways or His thoughts but as long as we are in unbelief and about self we cannot.

For weeks God has been helping us move from unbelief to belief as we have turned to Him and repented and now can know His ways. Yet this week He wanted to help us with our mind. The main verse for this week....Philippians 2:5, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus".

God helped us to understand that this mind that was in Christ Jesus was active and in line with the mind of God. Jesus came as a servant, He humbled Himself completely and obeyed completely. He was always thinking higher. Th greatest way to make sure we are Thinking Higher that we learned from the life of Jesus is prayer. This is on the forefront right now--Breaking Away Mountains, Interceding, Prophesying to the Mountains and the dry bones. This is how we will see change happen--- people's lives are worth it.

God hasn't forgotten what He has told us in the past or what He is telling us right now. Let's discuss the message and help bring even more understanding for someone else. Remember this discussion isn't just so we can check a box off our to do list but it's to help bring what we got to the table that just may help someone else who missed it the first time around. So thank you for giving of your life and time for someone else.

  1. What were the three main aspects that were discussed as being the "mind" that was in Christ Jesus that should be in us too?

  2. How did Jesus serve people? Give an example that stands out to you even if it wasn't one from the message.

  3. Have you changed your mind about what real humility is?

  4. Have you committed to Breaking Away Mountains? Testify about any change you have already seen.

  5. What was an aha or even an ouch that has changed or is changing your mind?

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